The Book of Whispers is a syncretistic collection of myths and legends compiled by the clerics of Nadee Jheel at the behest of Eternal Padishah. It comprises the root texts of Faith of the Flames, The Eternal Family, and The Way of the River, the three main religions of the ancient empire.

Before the reign of the Eternal Padishah, the Khagans of the Nadee Jheel practiced one of these three native faiths. The Eternal Padishah saw that these three faiths were aspects of the same path. In the early years of his reign, Tian Kehan received titles Lord of the Pyre from the Faith of the Flames, Little Brother from the House of the Eternal Family, and Ferryman of the Waves by the Way of the River. With these three titles, he united the faiths as the one faith of the Ember Throne, but he didn’t demand any changes to their practices. He only order the creation of the collation of a single scripture which he titled, The Book of Whispers.