Beyond their masks lay all the secrets of the cosmos never to be revealed.
— Virgil Naso
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The Vazra are masked and robed spirits who are reputed to have existed since before the foundations of our world were ever laid.

These enigmatic spirits are present in every country of the world, though they rarely intervene in mortal affairs. Most often encountered as healers in Kitsune Warrens, the true motivations and agendas of the Vazra are a matter of much debate. Some have claimed they are the agents of Amidral ensuring the will of Providence is done, while others have seen them as caretakers of the aether ensuring its flow throughout the world. This caused some to blame them for the Withering of the World when the the aether raged nearly ending all life.

So many theories spiral around the Vazra, it is difficult to impossible to separate fact from fiction. While they all wear the expressionless porcelain masks, their robes come in a verity of colors. The warren clinics are staffed by those in blue robes leading some to believe their color delineates either duties or abilities, but to date no conclusive evidence substantiates this claim. Since the Vazra refuse to speak about themselves, only they know for sure.

The Vazra play a role in the founding myth of almost ever culture of Talamh, either giving credence to their ancient origin, or the prestige garnered from such an association. It is known that the Vazra and the Loherahvas aided the Eternal Padishah in the construction of the Ember Throne and the enchantments which allow his long and glorious reign. Why they aide him is a matter of some conjecture with the official answer being they found his motivations pure and worthy. 

The Usuleekide (Faith of the Flames) claim the Vazra are the embers from the fires that forged the cosmos. The Faith of The Eternal Family say they light of Brother Sun and they hide their appearance to keep others from going blind from the glory of their visage. Among the Celedarasata (The Way of the Disciples), they came into being with the first song of creation and they continue to maintain the world through repetition of the song. In the sacred texts of the Saheetareeka (The True Way), they were made by the One to adore and serve the Divine Will. The Sindhara (The Way of the River) say that each is a wellspring of the aether that flows through the world. Even the Kindly Folk see them as agents of Grace and Vengeance who maintain order in the world. In short, every religion and culture of the world had incorporated them into their understanding of the world, but since they will not answer the question themselves, no one really knows.

The same could be said for their goals in the world. The only thing we can say for certain is that the Vazra have never intervened or participated openly in the wars and intrigues of the empires of the world. If they have an agenda, it is their own and only they know it.

Other than their reported and confirmed participation in the founding of nations, the Vazra tend to keep to themselves. The only reliable place to encounter them is in the Kitsune Warrens littered about the world. Even there, they normally keep to themselves and rarely interact with others. This aloofness has given them a reputation as fair arbiters of disputes, even though it is nearly impossible to get them to act as such.


The Vazra are recognizable by their variously colored, hooded robes and expressionless porcelain masks. Some have tried to impersonate them for personal gain, but can be spotted owing to the fact that the Vazra do not breathe.