The Teachings of Padishah Dakhin Torokh


On the 4th day, 4th month, and 5th year of his reign (6/18/778 ME)


Here begins the Teachings made by the decree of Khagan and Padishah, blessed by the Seven Eternals, Dakhin Torokh, whose voice rings of clear thunder. Declaring this unveiling of truth to his son, Khanzada, saying, “Arise as fire from the dragon’s heart. Harken to my words, so you may rule the Nadee Jheel, riding the waters of the River and the Lake, and perfect the khanate, its people, and its lands.



Never allow fear to guide your heart. When schemers and attackers swarm around you like flies, gather your allies so you don’t stand alone. Beware those who call you brother, and never be swayed by friends. Partiality is the root of division, and it’s fruits are strife and division. Never allow partisanship to flourish.



Guard yourself at rest and as you sleep through darkest hours of the night. When the long knives seek to betray you, your friends will be far from you. They come for you when you are most vulnerable. Serve the orphan and the poor, and promote those who earned your favor. Merit and compassion will preserve you in your hour of need.



Those who horde their blessings are the seeds of uprisings. They starve the people and harm the common good. 

Those who brandish their arms in vain share their with people. 

Those who flaunt their fine clothes demonstrate their emptiness for all to see.

Those who proclaim their piousness possess no faith, but wish to mask their fear.



In war, as in peace, your warriors and emissaries are your living image to all. In war, they are harbingers of sorrow, and the laments of the slain will follow you all your days. Greatness comes not from war, but your ability to keep the peace. In the arena of the great tide, oblivion awaits the one who forgets yesterday and has no care for tomorrow.



Beware in the night as you follow after sleep. Once, when I came to the hours of rest, the blades of the traitors came for me. I was alone like river wolf on a lake.



I rose from my bed, and my night guard stood over me. The body of the traitor lay at my feet. I took my blade in hand, and we slew the villains as they entered the tent. Together with my night companion, we stood against the tide. Alone, only death awaits from the traitor’s blade. Loyalty earned through merit and compassion is a true guardian.



These traitors attacked in the last days of chaos. I allied with them for the sake of unity, but they neither earned, nor received their position on account of anything other than their name and prominence. Without merit to prove the heart, guile and greed will always conquer loyalty.



The rebels rose from broken peoples, who lost their respect mothers after birth, and divide their own people. They neglected the canals, and prized the fight over an honorable peace. The darkness of their hearts was clear in their treatment of their people.



I gathered our people from the snows of the south to the marshes of the north. The people of mountains, the rivers, and the lakes returned home to our khanate. United, we rebuilt our strongholds and restored our legacy.



In the glory of Brother Sun, the khanate arose.

Through the hands of Sister Moon, our wounds were restored.

With the aid of Brother Wind, we found our way.

By the grace of Sister Water, the rivers and lakes sustain us.

For the honor of Brother Fire, we build our cities and hearts.

Upon the mercy of Mother Talamh, we grow strong.

Beyond the grasp of Sister Death, we walk the path of the river banks.



I’ve run like the wolves and reigned like the lion. The nations to the north sit at the peace table. The sorcerers beyond the sea call us their allies.



By the heat of the dragon’s flames, the throne of the Khagan and Padishah of the Nadee Jheel shall last forever. It is fed by the rivers and sustained by the lakes. From its shores, our power extend to lands far away. Atop its mountains, the dragons spread their wings to protect us all.



The many waters protect us, connect us, and sustain us all. Learn from its example. In peace, it fosters life. In rage, it destroys all. War is a bane to all involved. It harms the victors and the victims alike. It is like a flood, blind to the motives, virtues, and vices of all in its wake.



In these words and through these teachings, you will find all you need to lead the Khanate on the righteous path. The Lapis Crown weighs upon us so long as we live in the shadow of the dragons. Remember always, our lives are in service of the people and their welfare. The dragon’s flame awaits those who fail to preserve their people. The Eternal Family will not bless your reign and the challenge will come. Without their blessing, your life shall end on the sacred ground.


These are the teachings of the Padishah, Khagan Dakhin Torokh.