Amidst the chaos, the Shamans of Uruk gathered to save Talamh. 

Each shaman brought their own plan. Some believed these where the end ofdays, and that nothing could survive the onslaught. Others believed avillainous sorcerer brought the calamity upon the world, and all theyhad to do was hunt this monster and undo their work. The rest pointed tothe legends of demons and catastrophe in all the religions of the world, and claimed the breeches were a natural cycle or feature of theworld. They discussed and argued.  Ideas merged, died, and gainedadherents.

Senshi Noken, the great shaman of Shikaar, fought for the creation of an orderof sentinels, the Nari yodharu ("fox warriors," or simply Yodharu). Stories abounded of the Atmanari, the Spirit Foxes, fighting off theinvaders.  Senshi traveled to meet the Atmanari Santira Jahara, the Gem of Peace, and askedfor the support of the Jahara clan.  He explained to her how the union of her people with great warriors could turn back the tide of chaos infecting the world.

Santira took him down to the river, and made a raft of papyrus and reeds.  Through her magic, she etched the contract onto the raft.  As she placed the raft into the water she said, “Ikirumono, giver of life, if our fates are tied with these mortals, may this raft float up river.”

She stood by the river and watched it float up stream.

As they gave thanks to Ikirumono for the sign and answer, the river opened up and maelstrom broke out.  Santira and Senshi joined forces and fought the breach.  She shared her power with Senshi, and together they they closed the breach. Santira said, “This is a great sign that the Children of Talamh must unite as one.”

Then Senshi said to the great Santira, “Should I call the shamans together to join the Jahara clan with the greatest warriors found among the people to defend the world against this onslaught?”

Santira said to him, “Go.”

Senshi Noken then returned to the Conclave of Uruk to announce the pact.

Santira came to the conclave and said to them, “We shall join as one with you and share our power and and our spirt with those worthy of this task.”  And warriors joined with the Atmanari and spread through out the world to stave off the advance of the cataclysm.

As the Yodharu spread through out the world, a child was born under the auspicious sign of the Protector’s Moon.  They named the child, Kharani Nartaka, and said, “Since you were born under the protection of the Argent Lord Tsukikage, may you ever have his protection.”

It happened in those days, when Kharani had grown up, that he joined the Shamans of Uruk in their work against the chaos.  The burdens of the world bore down on him and weighed his heart down.

One day, he saw a phoenix fighting off a squall breech near the place where the conclave met.  He joined in the fight, and saw that none of the other shamans fought along side.  Together they fought until the breech closed.

Kharani was injured in the fight, and wandered out into the wilderness.  On the second day, he encountered two men fighting each other.  He said to them, “How can you fight amongst yourselves when the world falls apart around you?”

One of the men answered, “You are a shaman, it is your charge to repair the world.  Do you see our disputes as unimportant?  Fight the breaches and leave us alone.”

Kharani was troubled, and said, “Surely you know that darkness stretches across the land, and we must find a way to bring peace?”

A squall breach broke the sky, and tried to kill them.  Kharani was too weak to fight and fled from the storm, and ran to the land of Achrann, she he collapse by a well.

Now priests of Unmei came to the well to gather water.  Bandits came and drove them away, but Kharani gathered what little strength he had and fought of the bandits so they could have access to the water.

When they arrive at Cara’de, their leader said, “Did you find the man at the well the fates whisper about?”

They answered, “A shaman of Uruk fought off bandits with the last of his power, and then he drew water for us so our thirst could be quenched.”

The Hierarch said to the priest, “Bring him to the sanctuary.  He is the one whom fate watches, and whom we are bound to aid.”

Kharani stayed with the priest and learned their ways.  There he began to see the cause of the chaos in the imbalance of the world, and he said, “Greed, hatred, and violence are the roots of all wrong actions, and distort the world until it breaks.”

While he studied with the priests of Unmei, the Yodharu continued the war against the chaos, but to no avail.  The Children of Talamh cried out as cities fell and lands were lead away into bondage.

Ikirumono heard their cries, and remembered the just among the people.  Ikirumono saw the children of Talamh, and was concerned about them.