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Code of the Nadee Jheel

These are the words of Khagan Tian Kehan, the Eternal Padishah of the Ember Throne, Great Khan of the Nadee Jheel: 

  1. Benevolence (Ren): Follow the path which will establish you, but seek also to establish others.  While this path is only for you, remember you are never alone.  The threads of fate tie us all together.
  2. Justice, Righteousness (Yi): As you walk the narrow path, seek to understand everything as it is, only then can you craft the perfect action for the situation in which you find yourself. Train your mind to recognize the fitness of your actions, so it is correct.  Draw from this recognition your satisfaction. You cannot guarantee you will succeed in your goals, but you can guarantee the rightness of your actions.
  3. Individualism (Amhain): We answer for our own actions and are accountable first to ourselves, then to our comrades, then the society, and ultimately the Spirits.  Seek to know yourself, and to that self be true, but never allow yourself to be blinded by selfishness.  Remember, all are woven together, and no thread is greater than any other.
  4. Loyalty (Sadakat): Never devote yourself to a person, place, or thing, which can betray or misuse you; instead, follow Justice and Benevolence which will never lead your astray.  Be loyal to the cause, and to those who deserve your service, but do not allow friendship, grandeur, contracts, money, or glory to blind you to the truth.
  5. Courage, Bravery (Saahas): Remember you are a warrior (saahasik), one who is brave.  A warrior is not afraid of themselves, and does not give up on anyone or anything.  They stand in truth, allowing justice to guide them through fear, while not annihilating it.  A warrior stands when others fall.
  6. Truthfulness (Li): Cultivate a Code of Honor.  Learn the rituals and actions deemed appropriate to those around you, while never forgettingthe course intended for your life.  Through skillful practice you will bring honor to yourself and be honored by those with whom you interact.
  7. Disregard for wealth (Nithelir): Don’t be held by wealth, luxury, or ease.  These are fleeting.  They flow in and out by the whims of chance.  Chasing them is like hoarding snow.  When the thaw comes, you cannot forestall their loss.
  8. Desire for glory (Aldar suu): Glory, on the other hand, is never fleeting.  A just warrior’s name is worth all the treasures of Erdenesiin.  It will keep you strong and prosperous in your times of need for all you have aided will hold you up and never let you fall.

Heed these admonitions, for the Khevtuul (Night Guard) and Torguud (Day Guard) shall enforce them upon all who walk the river lake, for not even I am free from this law.