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Sunsuulyn Academy

We stand in the face of the mystery, terrible and fascinating.
— Unen Anchin, First Grandmaster of Sunsuulyn Academy

Sunsuulyn Academy is a magic school on the border of Sihir and Sawyer. The school exists to foster camaraderie among various magical orders, guilds, and houses who are aloud to recruit from the student body. While its existence is an open secret, the quality of its graduates has prevented the neighboring states from attempting to exercise control over it. Rumors persist that the Academy works toward its own agenda. No coherent conspiracy has ever been proven.

The Academy was founded by Padishah Dakhin Torokh in 773 ME as an imperial academy to standardize magical instruction across the Nadee Jheel. Students have always been chosen through the Rite of Burning Fate, wherein members of the faculty and the graduating class each throws a stone into a bonfire during the final night celebration. Together, they evoked the spirits of fate to draw stones from the fire with the name of their candidates for the next class. The spirits pass through the fire, and draw out a stone which is placed of the altar of induction. These candidates will then be contacted to join the Academy in its next season. Allowing the spirits to call each class is meant to allow the school to instruct only the best from around the empire, and later, around the world.

Since students of every class and ethnicity attend Sunsuulyn, they have earned a reputation for only teaching the best and the brightest. Emperors, Kings, Priests, Mystics, Business Leaders, and Military Leaders all started their career here, which has led to the school being a stabilizing force. Alumni are more likely to talk to one another than break into open hostility. This factor more than any other gave rise to the theory that the school secretly controls the world.

After the war and unrest that marked seventh to the eleventh dynasties, Padishah Dakhin Torokh restored the Universal Khanate over the Nadee Jheel. One hundred and ninety-one years of war and strife proceeded his reign, and the Khagan wanted to restore order to the empire and ensure the divisions were not only healed but prevented from reopening.

He called all of the Magian Sects in the Empire to appear in the capital of Luugiin Uur to discuss the future of their orders.

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