We who live under the grace Khagan Tian Kehan, Eternal Padishah of the Ember Throne, Great Khan of the Nadee Jheel, welcome you to the life under his endless shadow.

Speak to no one of the hidden Khanate.  Hide your searching eyes as you look for the sanctuary sign, and make allusion to the secret home.  The nations hear rumors, but disbelieve.  They have no place among us.  We are in every city and no nation.  Remember the lost world from which we were born and follow the path of the river.

The Withering

Before the world was torn asunder by the breach's fury, the world was different than it is now. While the nations rebuild, we build better, different.  The violence of the elements taught us the weaknesses of the old ways.  The nations will never learn.

They still see power as the number of people they subjugate and number of their colonies. They count their airships and armies, and declare their greatness.  These things do not make an empire great.  The sky destroys airships as it sees fit.  The seas devour fleets without warning, and they are lost to the deep ones.  The ground breaks at its own times bringing armies to naught.  The nations never learn.

A great empire protects its people, knowing that the land owns itself.  A powerful empire defends its prosperity without enslaving others who may revolt.  A mighty empire understands Talamh rules herself, and we are wanderers by her grace alone.

After the Withering, the wise learned to be nimble, always moving, and never pretending to hold those things that can never be held.

The Path of the River and Lake

As you know, Nadee Jheel means "River Lake."  This is both an homage to our origins in the river lands of Golyn, and the core of the way of life the Eternal Padishah has taught us.

The River

Follow the flow of the river. It respects neither hill, nor mountain, nor flattest plain. The river forges its course as is fitting. If it finds a better path, it forgets its former banks and charts a new way.
— Khagan Tian Kehan,
Eternal Padishah of the Ember Throne, Great Khan of the Nadee Jheel

In all your ways, you follow the path of the river.  While a river can carve a canyon through the mountains where needed, it always takes the path of least resistance.  

For this reason alone is the hidden Khanate a secret from the nations.  They seek to control and the conquer all they see, blind to the true working of the world.  We are not.  We follow the river's course through all the secret places.  In truth, they are more blind to us than we are hidden to them.  Poor fools.

The Lake

The great river flows through the secret places, and when it finds a deep well of safety it collects and gathers its strength.
— Khagan Tian Kehan,
Eternal Padishah of the Ember Throne, Great Khan of the Nadee Jheel

Sanctuaries thrive all over the world, and you will know them by the secret sign. Sign nations are blind to the sacred sign which as they cannot see.  The Magpies enchanted them with the same taboo placed upon this letter so they cannot see what is right before their eyes.  It isn't hard to distract the lost.  They live in a fear that we will never know.

Where you see the sign, the Day Guard preserve the peace, the Magpies watch for all danger, and the Bookbinders keep record.  All are services open to you and your needs.  Pay your tithe to the Bookbinder and keep your place in the heart of the River Lake.

The Almanac of the River Lake

Remember to keep your Almanac ever at your side.  The Bookbinders of the Shadow Court together with the Charm of Magpies perpetually keep it up to date with any and all information you may need about the state of the world.

Peace be upon you in all your travels.


May the Ash Dancer bring life!

Ash Dancer Logo.png

Only two kinds dance in Ashes:
those who revel in death
those who embrace life.

Talamh- Once, the children of light governed.  They were pure, but not holy.  Some desired, others contemplated, and then there were those who sought to expand their influence over every realm of existence.  They tore the first breaches, but not the last...

Now, our world burns, not always with fire, but with chaos and pain.  The realms of cosmos break in and spill their contents into our world... if there even is such a thing anymore.

Long ago, the ancient shamans forged a weapon to fight for our Talamh.  This weapon was to be a Warrior, Healer, and Priest.  The Ash Dancer would defend, restore, and reconcile the world.  They tied this great spirit to the world to be reborn into every generation until the day their work is done.

The last Ash Dancer died years ago, but the new one has not yet been found.  For now, we stand alone in the ashes, waiting for the one who is to come to save us.

 The Peoples of Talamh


Ash Dancer is an Epic Fantasy/Wuxia series

Most know what Epic fantasy is.  Images of The Lord of the Rings, The Shannara Chronicles, and A Song of Ice and Fire flash before our eyes. But what is Wuxia?

Wuxia is Chinese Martial Fantasy.

While you many not be familiar with books like Fox Volant on Snowy Mountain or Heavenly Blade Dragon Saber, but you may have seen movies like Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon; Hero; House of Flying Daggers; The Duel; or The Assassin. 

I have always felt uncomfortable using that term to define my fiction since it doesn't take place in Ancient or Medieval China, or even on Earth for that fact, but I love so many elements this type of fiction from the Sects, to the Fighting Styles, to the types of stories told.  My fiction is so heavily inspired by this genre that I feel like I need to say that it is Wuxia even if only in homage.

So what is Ash Dancer?

In eons past, the breaches came. Our world burned.  Beings alien to Talamh poured through.  Nation rose against nation, people against people. Everything changed.  In those dark times, the ancients forged a weapon to defend us all, the Ash Dancer.

Wars turned to occupations, occupations to nations, but the breaches never ended.  They ravage the world to this day.  Unpredictable, unstoppable, the sky, sea, or land erupts with violent fury.  At any time, a breach could destroy us.

Where is the Ash Dancer?  The last chosen soul died years ago, and none have risen to take his place.  Without the great healer, our world crumbles.  The ashes may just consume us all.

Who am I?

I'm scifi/fantasy writer C. E. Dorsett, but you can call me Charlie.  The most important thing you should know is that I am a fan.  I love genre fiction: books, movies, shows, and music.  I've been a writer since I was a kid sitting in front of the TV watch Star Trek, He-man, and Voltron, and drawing my first comics.  When I was in third grade, I wrote our class play based on The BFG, and starred in the 3rd and 4th grade plays that year.  I wrote my fifth grade graduation ceremony for the school, and I finished my first novel in High School.

Why should you care about any of that? Because it shows that writing is in my blood.  I tell stories.  They are my heart.  I love to tell stories, but more than that, I love to share these stories and worlds with you.  Why? Because that is what brings these stories alive. These characters only live in the interaction between my writing and your participation.  Without that, they are only words strung together into sentences and paragraphs.