Ash Dancer is an Epic Fantasy/Wuxia series

Most know what Epic fantasy is.  Images of The Lord of the Rings, The Shannara Chronicles, and A Song of Ice and Fire flash before our eyes. But what is Wuxia?

Wuxia is Chinese Martial Fantasy.

While you many not be familiar with books like Fox Volant on Snowy Mountain or Heavenly Blade Dragon Saber, but you may have seen movies like Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon; Hero; House of Flying Daggers; The Duel; or The Assassin. 

I have always felt uncomfortable using that term to define my fiction since it doesn't take place in Ancient or Medieval China, or even on Earth for that fact, but I love so many elements this type of fiction from the Sects, to the Fighting Styles, to the types of stories told.  My fiction is so heavily inspired by this genre that I feel like I need to say that it is Wuxia even if only in homage.

So what is Ash Dancer?

In eons past, the breaches came. Our world burned.  Beings alien to Talamh poured through.  Nation rose against nation, people against people. Everything changed.  In those dark times, the ancients forged a weapon to defend us all, the Ash Dancer.

Wars turned to occupations, occupations to nations, but the breaches never ended.  They ravage the world to this day.  Unpredictable, unstoppable, the sky, sea, or land erupts with violent fury.  At any time, a breach could destroy us.

Where is the Ash Dancer?  The last chosen soul died years ago, and none have risen to take his place.  Without the great healer, our world crumbles.  The ashes may just consume us all.

Who am I?

I'm scifi/fantasy writer C. E. Dorsett, but you can call me Charlie.  The most important thing you should know is that I am a fan.  I love genre fiction: books, movies, shows, and music.  I've been a writer since I was a kid sitting in front of the TV watch Star Trek, He-man, and Voltron, and drawing my first comics.  When I was in third grade, I wrote our class play based on The BFG, and starred in the 3rd and 4th grade plays that year.  I wrote my fifth grade graduation ceremony for the school, and I finished my first novel in High School.

Why should you care about any of that? Because it shows that writing is in my blood.  I tell stories.  They are my heart.  I love to tell stories, but more than that, I love to share these stories and worlds with you.  Why? Because that is what brings these stories alive. These characters only live in the interaction between my writing and your participation.  Without that, they are only words strung together into sentences and paragraphs.