The Rise of the Ash Dancer

No one could have expected the violence of the first breaches.  They say a child of light tore through barrier between their world and Talamh. How could any celestial being cause such a catastrophe?  If they are fragments of the world soul, they must have known the damage the breach would cause.  At the very least, they had to know the cycle of misery and suffering that single action would unleash upon the world.  How can a spirit be great if it is so blind?

The city of Tyaga burned.  Gisei drown.  Xisheng collapsed in a great earthquake.  The Van'ya jungle devoured Balidana. Ohver fell into captivity.  There was nothing any army could do.  How can a soldier fight off a storm?  Swords cannot harm the wind.

Amidst the chaos, the Shamans of Uruk gathered to save Talamh.   

Senshi Noken from the Book of Kharani Nartaka, the first Ash Dancer

The Conclave of Uruk

Each shaman brought their own plan.  They discussed and argued.  Ideas merged, died, and gained adherents. Eventually, two camps arose.  

Senshi Noken fought for the creation of an order of sentinels, the Nari yodharu ("fox warriors," singular Nari yodha).  There were stories of the Atmanari, the Spirit Foxes fighting off the invaders.  Senshi believed he could convince them to join forces to save the world.

They chose one of their own, Kharani Nartaka, as the vessel for the world's salvation.

Phoenix from the Book of Kharani Nartaka, the first Ash Dancer


The character may be ready and willing to take on the task. OR may be reluctant and have to be lured or pushed into it.  OR may refuse altogether and have to pay the consequences.
This is the item that seals our fate.  When the Character makes a commitment the helpers appear.
Plans and Preparation
The hero sketches out a plan and prepares for action.  The first objective will be to determine the extent and cause of the problem.

The helpers can provide guidance and instruction, but we have to accomplish the difficult task ourselves.

Other people’s lives are affected by the hero’s decision.  The negative parent figures and siblings try to dissuade the hero.
High Hopes and Enthusiasm
The end of this phase is often marked by high hopes and enthusiasm—a genuine conviction that we are going to succeed.

Kharani and a group of twelve shamans set out to find a way to ward off the breaches and heal the damage they caused.  They captured a phoenix (hewisegnes, in Uruki it means, "clothed in fire, or fire bird") a creature of fire and earth.

and a white tiger, a creature of metal and water.  

his own soul, of wood and fire

White Tiger from the Book of Kharani Nartaka, the first Ash Dancer