How the Labyrinth of Souls was made

When Padishah Dakhin Torokh commissioned the construction of Sunsuulyn Academy in 773 ME, Unen Anchin, the school's first Grandmaster, knew they needed a way to quickly discern the calling of the new students so imperial funds weren't wasted instructing in all twelve branches of magic until a student's natural talent and temperament revealed themselves.

Arriving on the Mount Atma, Unen discovered a Kitsune Fox Warren running between the Mt Atma and Mt Ulaan. He humbly invited the spirits of the Warren to aid in the task.

The Vazra agreed to help. They constructed a labyrinth infused with the essence of each of the aetheric arts. One by one, students would enter, and the labyrinth read their soul as they walked down the passage into the first room. It would then configure itself for each student with a series of tests designed to test their aptitude for the arts best suited to them.

It was a controversial decision to allow the Vazra to have so much influence over each new class, but in the debates between the original faculty, no valid reason was ever given for why they shouldn't take them up on their offer.

Twenty-four Vazra built the labyrinth in six days. The Grandmaster and the original faculty were the first to walk the labyrinth. Each completed in a different amount of time.

Only the Vazra know the mechanisms at work with the labyrinth, and continue to maintain it to this day.

Many have theorized about the true nature of the structure. Some believe it is a series of rooms, one for each student, that morph and change as the tests progress. Others believe it is a portal to construct in the netherworld where the tests are conducted. Various sages have attempted to test their theories, but none found evidence to prove or disprove their ideas.

The Labyrinth of Souls is one of the true marvels of the magical world, and regardless of how it was constructed or how it determines the tests, the resulting proficiency of the adepts who passed through it cannot be doubted.


Join Raih and Jodhaa on their journey through the Labyrinth of Souls as it tests a new class of Sunsuulyn students.


What mysteries await in the first novella in the World of the Ash Dancer?