House of Blood and Flames

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I've spent the last couple days working on an idea for a new cover for Labyrinth of Souls. What do you think?

I love the new cover. It is more exciting, and show Raih, Jodhaa, and Sathi. It will take a couple days for it to filter through the Amazon machine, but I didn't want to wait so I created some wallpapers for your computers and phones to celebrate.

As I continue to write The Raven's Song, I am starting to think about how I can do a similar cover for it so every book in the series feel good together. If you have any suggestions, I would love to hear them.

Never did I ever think I would be so proud of art, I made. This world has brought me to life in an exciting way. I hope you are enjoying the stories as much as I am. Just writing this post, I have the biggest grin on my face. Me smiling... It is a good feeling.

If you need a different size, let me know. There are so many phone and tablet sizes, it is hard to find out what sizes to make. If you need a different one, let me know.

Announcing The Raven's Song, the second book in The House of Blood and Flames

The very last thing I expected to do an Friday was start writing a new book, but Percy weighed heavy on my mind and wanted his story to be told so I started writing.

Unlike the follow up I still have planned, The Raven's Song begins over a year before the events of Labyrinth of Souls and tells the story of how Percy ended up at Sunsuulyn Academy.

I thought his story would be told in flashback and memory, but now that I've started writing it, I can't imagine it being told in any other way.

Like so many in the World of the Ash Dancer, Percy's story is filled with tragedy and adventure. The pains he suffered forged him into the man he will become. 

As I have done with the last two books, I will post the draft chapters to Wattpad as they are written if you would like to follow along with the writing. If you want to wait for the final draft, I will let you know when the book comes out. 

Are you ready for this tale of piracy and lies? Join me as we explore the amazing early life of Percy Waldron.

Announcing the House of Blood and Flames

House of Blood and Flames Logo.png

When I started writing Labyrinth of Souls, I knew it would be an introduction to a series about life at Sunsuulyn Academy, but I didn't expect to announce the name of the series so soon. 

House of Blood and Flames

The House of Blood and flames, also known as the Silver House, is the residence hall at the Academy where our characters will live.

Students began to call the Silver House the House of Blood and Flames after the inscription over the door which reads, "In the End, all we are is blood and flames."

Photo Jan 04, 4 38 08 PM.jpg

The inscription was the motto of the Silver Khanzada Khotyn Od who endowed and supervised the construction of the building. In the original Nadibhasha, the words Blood and Flames are related to Courage and Honor. 

Residents of the House are carefully chosen. I don't want to say anymore about that just yet it might be seen as a minor spoiler of events in future books.

I hope you enjoy this series, and I can't wait to hear your thoughts about it.

Why I'm writing Labyrinth of Souls (LoS)

Labyrinth of Souls is one of those stories that you don't intend to write, and then you realize you are doing it.  

While I was working on the back stories for several characters and groups, I just started writing more and more about them and their back stories.  At a certain point, I realized, I was really making an outline for a series about them and their history.  It had all of the drama and twists and turns I like to put into a story, so I asked, why don't I just write this real quick?

It hasn't been easy to set Dragon in the Snow aside while I write this novella, but they will both benefit from the project.

With Labyrinth of Souls, I'm testing out a few new ideas about how to tell the story and especially how I want to get into the characters themselves.  The result has thrilled me, and I hope you enjoy it too.

Jodhaa is one of those characters who has wandered around in the back of my head for years. I've tried to find her story for all that time.  When I started work on Dragon in the Snow, I knew this was the story for her.

So Why write Labyrinth of Souls?

Raih and Jodhaa are such fresh characters for me.  They each have qualities I admire, and that scare me a little.  Most importantly, I haven't read anything with characters like them. They are more vulnerable than the typical fantasy character, and have such different personal histories. That makes them even more interesting together.

My biggest concern about writing this story is that I cannot stop comparing Sunsuulyn Academy to Hogwarts, and since I am making those connections, I know other people will too. Magic in Ash Dancer is so different from Harry Potter, as is the history of the world. That makes these two magic schools so different from one another. That comparison falls apart quickly.

The real reason I chose to write Labyrinth of Souls is that I love to write, and I want this world to be so much bigger than just a novel, or series of novels.  So many stories are swirling around in my head, and I want to tell them all.  That isn't realistic, but I want to tell as many as I can.

This world is so full of life, I only hope I can do it justice and bring it to life in a way that people will enjoy reading. Welcome to the world inside my head. Let's have some fun.

You can read Labyrinth of Souls as I write it on Wattpad.