Announcing The Raven's Song, the second book in The House of Blood and Flames

The very last thing I expected to do an Friday was start writing a new book, but Percy weighed heavy on my mind and wanted his story to be told so I started writing.

Unlike the follow up I still have planned, The Raven's Song begins over a year before the events of Labyrinth of Souls and tells the story of how Percy ended up at Sunsuulyn Academy.

I thought his story would be told in flashback and memory, but now that I've started writing it, I can't imagine it being told in any other way.

Like so many in the World of the Ash Dancer, Percy's story is filled with tragedy and adventure. The pains he suffered forged him into the man he will become. 

As I have done with the last two books, I will post the draft chapters to Wattpad as they are written if you would like to follow along with the writing. If you want to wait for the final draft, I will let you know when the book comes out. 

Are you ready for this tale of piracy and lies? Join me as we explore the amazing early life of Percy Waldron.