Meet the Mage Tyrese the Seer

I always wanted to write a story with a character named and inspired by Tiresias from Greek Mythology.  When I started writing Dragon in the Snow, Tiresias popped up again.

I've never used Tiresias because the name is not an easy one to fit into a story.  That is when the character stepped forward and Tiresias became Tyrese, the Blind Mage who sees more than anyone with sight.

Tyrese is a member of the Order of Nabu Saa.  I really want him to be a different kind of wizard, and that is going to be a challenge in execution as much as concept.  We've all read so many different stories about magic users, and I want to try something else with him.

What will that look like?  I'm really not sure, and that excites me.  I have a few ideas about where I want this to go, but I will say the there are two songs I can't get out of my head when I think about Tyrese and the Mages of Nabu Saa.

If you haven't heard Eppic and TeraBrite's version of Dark Horse, listen to it.  Eppic rewrote the rap and made it a more prominent part of the song.

I would love to get your ideas about what you would like to see.  Remember, the book is still taking shape.