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Raih is a new student of Sunsuulyn Academy whose invitation called her a Shokanshi, an evoking warrior. Born 13th day of the Eighth Month in 947 REP, she lost both her parents in a squall breach when she was 10. She moved between her family members until she ran way at the age of 16.


Eventually, she was taken in by Ema Sar who taught her the rudiments of magic for the next 11 months as she worked for her as a courier. She has lived her entire life within the Sawyer Empire.


Jodha Bhai

Jodhaa Bhai was born on the 29th Twelfth Month in 947 REP. The second child and only daughter of Vihaan and Harkha Bhai. Her father taught her self defense and basic magic since she was a child. She spent most of her life the caravansaries owned by her family in Golyn, with the exception of the time she spent traveling with her father to exotic locations around the world.

Ema Sar

Ema Sar was born on 1st day of the Twelfth Month of 913 REP. She fought in the Sawyer War of Independence (935 - 949 REP) with the Cela Militia where were promised a sovereign state as a reward for their support of Pretannia. After the loss of the war, Ema chose to live in seclusion as making potions and charms for a living. She adopted Raih, and has raised her like her own daughter.

Min Min

Min Min is a tiger striped seiryu. She has a reputation among her own as a bit of a storyteller who likes to embellish her stories. She is an explorer and adventurer by nature, and her parents just want her find a job in the warren and settle down.

Gher Bul

Gher Bul is a sennin from the Ashkelon wastes. He is a devout member of the Amedi, a religious movement dedicated to the return of the Ash Dancer and the restoration of the world. 

Wulfric Cacuun

Wulfric Cacuun, the current grandmaster of Sunsuulyn Academy is the son of his Alemanni mother Ivara and Cambrian father Caerwyn. His mother named him after her father. His parents met and fell in love at Sunsuulyn. Cacuun is a renown Sword Saint whose duels with Ila Szurek, Emil Reaal, and Benedict Whitesun are legendary. He is one of only five Grandmasters of the Academy to continue teaching after assuming the post.

Jaan Sosin

Jaan Sosin is the only child of Alastair and Gwendolyn Sosin, the legendary spies whose efforts crippled the Sawyer Intelligence Services to this day. Master Sosin is a summoner and a rook. He has a reputation as the spymaster for the academy, but most dismiss such claims because what use is a spymaster to a school.

Toby Spire

Toby Spire is a muursuns chef who runs a food cart in the Sunsuulyn Fox Warren. Toby’s family lived in the Spire of the Divine Aerie, and aided in their mission. He was named after Toby McCanna, the keeper of the Spire. When he left to explore the world, he shortened his name from Toby of the Spire to Toby Spire. While traveling through Cishan, he discovered a love for food and cooking. After stopping in the Sunsuulyn Fox Warren on his travels, he set up a food cart to raise funds to move on. He never expected to enjoy his conversations with the students so much. He learned about countries throughout the world, and loved helping them with their problems.