How do you share a new world?

How to share a world.png

Ash Dancer is a beautiful world  that has lived in the back of my mind for over a year now. The deeper I dig into the world, the more I fall in love with it. The real question is:

How do I share this world with others?

Of course, I know that the books are a good place to start, and I am excited to say, I have written two of them. The first, Labyrinth of Souls will be out on Monday. Yes, that is a great place to start, but no story can share all of the richness of a living world within its pages.

This is why most major franchises produce sourcebooks and guides to show all of the elements developed during the creative process. Many of these are cash grabs to make more money off their fans, but some are genuinely interesting stories.

I don't want to do things just to get more money from my readers, I just want to share these stories with as many people as I can.

In the past, I have theorized about how to share these incidental stories, and I've already started posting some of these to this site and I have more to come, but I found myself having strange qualms about sharing on Twitter and Facebook but why?

Why is social media so difficult?

My primary social media is on Twitter, and it's not the 280 character limit that troubles me. For some reason, I have a strange nervousness come over me when I try to talk about my work. Why?

I wonder if it has something to do with how personal these stories are so personal to me that I find it hard to talk about the stories in the same place I share anything personal on Social Media.

While I know many people who have met me will challenge me on this, but I am a very shy person. I don't share much about my life at all. In so many ways, my stories are more personal than the details of my life. I have to get over this issue.

Telling a story online

I am sharing these feelings with you because I am trying to be more open than I have. Maybe I am going too far in the other direction, but eventually, we will find a sweet spot.

I don't want the posts to be just a series of "BUY MY BOOK" posts. Those are annoying, and I don't like to see them on my feed, so I don't want to do that with you.

The idea of flash fiction and very short stories (#vss) is interesting and probably the path I will take.

What do you what to see?

What kind of posts do you want to see? Please let me know. I would love to share stories that you want to read.