We the Bookbinders of the Shadow Court and the Charm of Magpies attest and witness that the information presented in this Almanac is to the best of our knowledge true and accurate, and we present it to you to aid you along your journey among the nations.

In accordance with the decree of Khagan Tian Kehan, Eternal Padishah of the Ember Throne, Great Khan of the Nadee Jheel, the Aether Watch shall keep you up to date about the likely locations of breaches around the world. Plan your voyage carefully to preserve your life and fortune.

Our best information about the Nations, States, and Tribes of Talamh,  The Sects of Magian Solidarity, The Magian Art, The Spirits and Breachborn, and a Bestiary comprise the rest of this text.  These sections shall be updated as new information comes to light.

Peace be upon your travels along the holy river.

Sentinel General Gantulga, Grand Arithmancer of the Aether Watch

Nations, State, and Tribes

The nations, states, and tribes of Talamh are ever changing. From the nomadic people of Ashkelon to the many warring states of the west, borders ebb and flow. These powers believe they control the fate of all.  How short their sight! How limited their goals! Grant to them only the respect they are due.

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The Sects of Magian Solidarity

Those who practice the Magical arts join together in voluntary and involuntary unions to share and further their practices, ambitions, and arts. These sects are the real power in the world, and sadly the Nations are blind to most of them.

The Aetheric Art

The Aether flows throughout the world like the blood in our veins. Many arts have learned to tap into this great power, from the wushu of Yangshao, Cishan, and Seongji to the Sorcerers of Sihir, many arts have arisen in the world.

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The Spirits and Breachborn

Within the aether currents, many spirits arise to aide and torment the world. Others have came from the breaches. There is  much debate as to whether these breachborn are spirit made flesh or peoples akin to us.

The Bestiary

From the mighty beasts that roam our world to the miasma corrupted creatures of nightmare, it is important to know where they roam to protect yourself and your fortune from their ravonous teeth and claws.