As the chaos swirls around us, together we can ford the storm.

We walk the course of the river to glory and profit.

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The Nadee Jheel organizes the underworld and secures our travels.

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Dragon in the Snow (Draft)

Be among the first to read the early draft chapters of the First Ash Dancer novel, Dragon in the Snow, and become a part of shaping this new world of streampunk fantasy. 

May the Ash Dancer bring life!

Only two kinds dance in Ashes:
those who revel in death
those who embrace life.

Talamh- Once, the children of light governed.  They were pure, but not holy.  Some desired, others contemplated, and then there were those who sought to expand their influence over every realm of existence.  They tore the first breaches, but not the last...

Now, our world burns, not always with fire, but with chaos and pain.  The realms of cosmos break in and spill their contents into our world... if there even is such a thing anymore.

Long ago, the ancient shamans forged a weapon to fight for our Talamh.  This weapon was to be a Warrior, Healer, and Priest.  The Ash Dancer would defend, restore, and reconcile the world.  They tied this great spirit to the world to be reborn into every generation until the day their work is done.

The last Ash Dancer died years ago, but the new one has not yet been found.  For now, we stand alone in the ashes, waiting for the one who is to come to save us.

In Production:

After a life filled with calamity, Raih is sent into a mystic labyrinth to find her path where she is attacked by a strange creature; but when she is injured by the beast, she must learn to tame her inner chaos, before the beast returns to finish them off.

What is the mettle of a Summoner?

Dive deep into the world of the Ash Dancer with the first novella in the series.  Follow the along the adventure: