As the chaos swirls around us, together we can ford the storm.

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crucify my love is coming soon!


The next book in the World of the Ash Dancer will be Crucify My Love! I am so excited about this gothic tale of love and torments of the dead.

If you would like to get on the ground floor, the drafts are on Wattpad now, and you can chime in with your opinions to help me make this book the best it can possibly be.

Magic simplifies nothing

Raih celebrated when she received her invitation to the world's most prestigious magic academy. Life never blessed her with anything before. Now, she left her old life behind to become a Summoner... even though she didn't know what that meant.

She struggled to find her place in the world ever since her parents died in that squall. Nothing came easy, and she fought for everything she had. She’d learned to fight on the streets, but petty thieves are nothing compared mysteries beneath the school. 

Now, trapped underground surrounded by monsters,  she must solve the labyrinth to escape. 

In this dark underworld, she meets Jodhaa, a stranger who experienced the horrors of the world first hand. 

After a beast attacks, they have to find a way to survive long enough to escape the labyrinth. Surrounded by secrets and filled with uncertainty and fear, how will they make their way out before the dark powers consume them?

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Enter Sunsuulyn Academy

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The epic adventures of Saahdia, Akio, Miroku, Jalal, and Izumi are coming to the world of the Ash Dancer in the new second edition of the popular novel. Follow along with the new adventure on Wattpad.

Survival isn't Enough